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In July, Sexton said she needed up to $250,000 and was reaching out to philanthropists and others who want to support her made-in-America products. “I’m looking for people who give money away,” she told The Tribune-Democrat in July, adding she’s not interested in investors who want to share ownership of her company, Pochette LLC. “I don’t want them to own part of this,” Sexton said. The products would be made at Empire Foundation Inc. garment plant in South Fork. The bras and other garments feature a pocket that blocks radio frequency signals. The pockets are designed to hold cellphones or credit cards and protect wearers against identity theft or exposure to cell phone radiation. With no major backers lining up, Sexton is turning to social media and crowdsourcing. Last week, Pochette launched a Kickstarter campaign for donations, with a reduced goal of $35,000. “We are ready to start USA production and put people back to work,” the company announced last week.

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Mehala Osborne MPs to debate changes to help abuse victims to vote These are external links and will open in a new window Image caption Mehala Osborne says the voices of many women are being lost Plans to make it easier for victims of domestic violence to register to vote anonymously are to be debated by MPs. Ministers have vowed to help women wary of signing up to the electoral roll and giving personal details for fear they will be traced by an abusive partner. The changes will see refuge workers and medical staff able to act as witnesses, and evidence other than a court order being accepted as part of the process. Campaigners want anonymity to last indefinitely not just 12 months as now. At the moment, those who apply for anonymous registration have to re-apply after a year has elapsed. As part of the electoral process, anyone wishing to register to vote must provide basic information, including their address, to show they are eligible to do so. Anyone wanting to vote anonymously needs to provide details of a court order or injunction showing they are under protection or a witness statement from either a senior police officer, the director general of MI5, a director of adult social services in England or their equivalent elsewhere in the UK. Those living in refuges have to give details of their address although these are kept secret by local electoral officials while correspondence, including poll cards, can be sent to different addresses. Calls for a change in the law have been led by Mehala Osborne.
Fire breaks out in a clothing factory in Textile colony in Ludhiana, Punjab. Three fire engines present at the spot (ANI)

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